PaperJS Design Tool

Today I completed and launched a new design tool for Stickers Stickers! It was developed on top of PaperJS, OpenTypeJS and AngularJS. This is the third iteration of this design tool. The first version was made with Adobe Flash and was viable for about a year and a half. The second was built with embedded SVGs. This was a huge improvement for us because the designs coming in were vectors and could be printed with almost no modification to the file! Unfortunately, the framework that it was built on was extremely clunky and was later abandoned. Here we are at the third iteration, and I'm feeling really good about it. Technologies come and go, but the fundamentals of developing the same thing don't change all that much. The first tool I made took me more than eight months to develop, the second version took about three months and this one took a little over a month to complete. And the funny thing is, each iteration has had more features than the last!

It probably sounds like I'm just getting better at making design tools, but that's only part of it. Frontend Javascript frameworks are getting so good! They're making developers much more productive. Backend development, other than Node, hasn't evolved much at all. In fact, the latest iteration of the tool is still using much of the same Python/Django backend code as the first.

I remember reading an answer on Quora that really rubbed me the wrong way. It was a clickbait question, something like "Which is harder, frontend or backend development?" The top answer said that all frontend development results in throwaway code. I didn't like it at the time, but the guy was kind of on to something. Although I don't think "throwaway" was the right word for it. Half of me is wondering how long this new tool will remain viable, the other half is excited to see what comes next!

Check it out!

Sticker Design Tool

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