Stickers Stickers Relaunch

After working long hours for the last few months, it is finally complete. The new site is built with Python and Django for the backend/API and Typescript & Angular on the front end. It's lightning fast, and we love how it turned out!

The old version was built with the Magento shopping cart. We had quite a few issues with Magento:

  • No Unit Tests - Changing even the smallest thing was scary without being able to test everything
  • Magento is slow, even with caching
  • We enjoy working with Python/Django more than with PHP and Magento
  • A lot of the core Magento code would have to be modified in order to work with our highly customizable products and our procedures

Some exciting changes with our new site:

  • The new version of the site is hosted on AWS: Elastic Beanstalk
  • Our image processing has been moved to it's own auto-scaling Elastic Beanstalk application (security & performance)
  • Our frontend Angular app running on our API is really fast
  • Almost fully unit tested
  • A pleasure to work on and far easier to add new features

Check it out!

Stickers Stickers

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